Linux repo integration (2)
ADD: Config setting for collapse / expand (2)
ADD: Formatting controls in task and note descriptions (3)
Formatting in the Description/notes (4)
ADD: Collapse / Expand feature to Android app (3)
Multi User vailability (2)
Folders to group Projects ( 2 ) (31)
Everdo on AUR (Arch User Repository) (2)
Multiple application launch (2)
Updated help from inside the app? (2)
Indistinguishable finished and not yet done projects in the project select dropbox (2)
REST API described with Open API Specification (4)
Project specific information (3)
Plus Button in the App / Widget (3)
Add image/file to item (4)
Repeating actions (2)
First day of the week configurable (7)
Translation into other languages (4)
Start the day in the morning (2)
Contrast, font, legibility improvements (20)
Improve download security (4)
Get notification für scheduled tasks (9)
Current day box in calendar view (2)
Drag & Drop in sidebar (6)
Notes: Link external ressources (3)
Make it easier to sync with work computer (3)
Contact Integration (1)
Streamlining Command Input (3)
Convert item with subtasks into project (6)
Sort by or Group by "due date" (8)