Tasks order by due date in Waiting, Next and Focus view (2)
Inline Commands (14)
Support non standard hyperlinks in notes field (2)
Shortcut for setting due date (3)
Collapsible item descriptions (4)
Add support for textual quick action (3)
Contrast is too low (3)
[Setting] Hiding item description to improve readability (3)
Set current date when adding a task to waiting for list (10)
Everdo Data Syncing (18)
Improvements in filter bar: No due date and Multiple filtering (AND) in contexts and labels (positive and negative) (10)
Is:repeating search (5)
Consistent Tag Color (3)
Add a shortcut to save a task being edited instead of having to click or circle the buttons using tab (2)
Don't use Next as default status for all tasks moved from inbox (2)
IFTTT integration with EverDo (2)
Make dates visible in "Waiting" view (5)
Sort Trash by date + undo (2)
"All" Tasks view (6)
Compact "Doing" View (3)
Focus in task view (2)
Indication of instance or repeating action (6)
Integration with evernote (2)
Hide contact tag in "Waiting" actions to save space (2)
Time + energy estimates on the right (7)
Clickable local Evernote links (8)
Click to toggle label/context (4)
Project filter/grouping in Scheduled (2)
Multi-select and edit items in bulk (3)
Deferred/Repeating tasks (6)