Alternative Android app repository, APK link

I’m using lineageos on my mobile without gapps installed for privacy/security reasons, thus Google playstore is not available. Making the everdo app available through an alternative repository, such as f-droid ( would make installing and updating much easier.
Could that be an option?

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I don’t think F-droid is a viable platform (for Everdo) because of their inclusion policy. I think providing an APK link on the website would work, right?

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yes, an APK link would be great!

I’m still struggling getting Everdo from a safe place outside google playstore (which still is not accessible on my lineageos, due to strict company security policies that ban gapps).
There are alternative ways to download apps (such or; however, their everdo apks have different hash sums (for the same version).

Could you provide the apk on your website, or publish a hash sum for the genuine version?

Here’s the latest APK for now.

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I’ll just be posting APKs here for now, until a better solution is available.

please release the new version

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Just wanted to let you know that this is still highly appreciated. Thank you!


Could those versions be a bit outdated?
The current version in Google Play seems to be 1.16-3 from November 22, 2021.

When I download what seems to be the most recent version here, it points me to which seems to be 1.2-18.

edit: I was pointed to this thread from here: Getting Started | Everdo Help