Android App - Open Beta


Today we are glad to announce that Everdo mobile app is almost done! Anyone can now participate in open beta testing of Everdo on Google Play.

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ADD: Collapse / Expand feature to Android app

Steps to configure sync between your PC and phone:

  1. Make sure your desktop app version is at least 1.1.4
  2. Set up PC as Server using this guide
  3. Open Android app settings (menu in the top right corner)
  4. Fill in server API details (host, port, key)
  5. Exit “Settings”
  6. Initiate sync on Mobile - swipe down (refresh) or use “Sync” menu option

If you run into any issues, just leave a comment here.


Great work, thanks!

My 3 cents:

  • Would it be possible to start the app in a different place, i.e. Focus?
  • Would it be possible to hide tag/project to increase number of actions seen at once?
  • I would start a first word with a capital letter (I see “new tag” and “contact” in “Tag Management”, others look fine)


Thank you for valuable suggestions. They will all get implemented. A more flexible way to filter items was in the plans all along by we cut it for now to speed up the release.

Update: No feature releases in a few coming weeks. Focus on Mobile

Congrats for this app!

Personally, I like the least is the detail view of a task, the font size is very large and I dont llike how it is show the actions (List, Parent, Tags…). The note view in evernote could be a good example to follow.


I understand the large font issue - this may be worse on smaller screens. Could you please elaborate on the other part you your comment regarding the editor buttons (list, etc). I mean what specifically do you dislike?


I understand the large font issue - this may be worse on smaller screens. Could you please elaborate on the other part you your comment regarding the editor buttons (list, etc). I mean what specifically do you dislike?


So far so good! Congrats!

The sync works so fast, that I had to double check if it was already in sync.

As a new user I found really helpful the demo tasks. However, the Android app doesn’t have them.


Yes, this is a great suggestion.


This is now possible.

Fixed as well.


I have an idea that stems from the way I use Trello.

The Trello Android app has a widget you can add to your home screen to “create a new card”. One tap and you are dropped into a new task with the keyboard open.

It is not much less effort than opening the app and pressing the plus button, but I found myself dumping more things into Trello with this quick add feature.

Something to add to the list of possible features. I know my GTD workflow greatly improves the more easily I can log my ideas.


This is especially relevant on mobile. Thanks for your suggestion. Definitely worth considering amongst the options for quick capture.

Releted to this, there is already a way to “share” text from other apps, adding it into Everdo inbox. I find it very useful for capturing ideas while browsing on mobile. Just highlight text and share.


I setup an Everdo server and can successfully sync my desktop and phone to it without any issues. The desktop appears to sync automatically. However, I need to manually sync on the phone. I noticed there is a greyed out auto-sync feature. Is that something that is not yet fully implemented or did I configure my sync incorrectly so I can’t enable it?


Correct, this is currently disabled for everyone. It will be available soon.


Thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to it.


Heads up: Auto sync is out. You can enable it in settings.
Also check out swipe left/right on items.


Many updates on Android:

  • Filtering by tags and due date
  • Manual re-ordering of items
  • Ability to set focus in item editor
  • Huge app performance improvements


Hi Andrei,

hopefully this is the right place to ask.

Is there a trick/way to acces the notes within a notebook? I can’t find it.

If I select “Notebooks” in the menu I get a list of my Notebooks, so far so good.
But when I click on a notebook I get the editing screen for the notebook title and description.

Somehow I expect to see a list of my notes instead of the editing screen.

If anything is unclear I am glad to provide any information you need.

Best regards


Hi Florian,

You need to use the purple button to the left of the notebook’s title. Same with projects.


Ah, I see.

I never thought of clicking on this label/button, thank you.