Android: New item in INBOX "dissapears" when setting DUE DATE and moving it to the SCHEDULED list with NO START DATE

I create a new item in INBOX.

At the New Item screen I write a TITLE, set a DUE DATE and I choose SCHEDULED as the new item list. I don’t set any TAGS, PARENT, TIME or ENERGY.

I press the validation mark and the action “dissapears”. There is no way to retrieve or list that note until DUE DATE arrives.

This happens in Android, not in Windows desktop version. In the Windows version it forces you to choose either a START DATE or make it RECURRENT when you are placing a new item in the SCHEDULED list.

In this case the item doesn’t disappear. As you change the list to Scheduled, the start date gets set to tomorrow, and if you don’t manually update it before saving changes, the item will end up being scheduled for tomorrow.

You will find the item in the “Scheduled” list

Yes, that happens in the Windows app, but not in Android when you create a new item from the INBOX list and then you change the list manually to SCHEDULED before validating changes.

In Android it only shows up when the DUE DATE is finally due. showing a START DATE of Jan 1 1970

Not in Android.

Try this in Android:

  • Go to INBOX list (not in SCHEDULED)
  • Create new item there
  • Set DUE DATE for sometime next month.
  • Before applying changes, change list attributes to SCHEDULED, without changing any other attribute.
  • Save changes

Can you find the task?

Can confirm this now.
On desktop the task has a start date of 1970-01-01
Either saving without setting a start date should not be possible, or if no start date is set a reasonable one should be set automatically (today?) or the scheduled list should show tasks with start date older than today’s date.

Just verified it myself. It used to work as I described earlier, but somehow got broken. It should set tomorrow as the scheduled date by default.

@santi, thank you for reporting this defect!