Android: New Item - Tags page accept button

My request is perhaps a UI inconsistency issue in the Android app when selecting or adding tags to a new item.


  • Add a new item from the “Inbox” ("+" button in the lower right corner)
  • Click on "Tags’ to switch to the Tags page.
  • Select appropriate tags for the New Item.
  • Hit the accept button to return to the New Item page - Whoops I hit the “+” in the lower right corner.

On this Tags page, the button in the lower corner is the “+” to add new tags. I hit this nearly every time to accept the tags which I have selected. I have seen other apps stack two buttons in the lower right corner. In this case the “Check” would be in the corner, the “+” would be located just above the check along the right side.

My muscle memory doesn’t want to go to the top of the screen to “accept” as accept (“Check”) is located in the lower right corner on other screens. Granted “+” is located in the right corner on other screens, so I may need to “just get over it” and move on. I also realize that this is the only multi-select screen in the app.

I understand, I often press that + myself when I want to save the tags. Maybe it would be better to swap the plus and the checkmark on that screen. I’m not sure yet.

After some consideration, it was decided to swap the “save” and “create” buttons in the tag selection view.

The primary purpose of this view is indeed the editing operation (selection of tags), while creating a new tag is secondary. This is why it makes more sense for the primary action button to be “Save” which is consistent with other editor views.

This change will take place in the next Android update.

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