"Applied tag" where view does not contain tagged tasks

I love the fact that tag filters are now sticky, it’s really useful.

However, I wondered if it would be possible to add tag buttons to progressively remove applied tags when in a view where no items are shown ? Sometimes it’s a little confusing and currently I believe that I have to navigate back to a view where the filter does show items in order to remove it.



Is it possible to stack tags together too ?

I have a lot of tags and it’s not pretty to see all of them at the top. Maybe a button that display all tags and we choose wich one to show or hide.


I think the logical solution to this would be to simply show all the selected tags regardless of the items present in the current list. This is now how it work at this moment.

The filters used to reset every time the list changed, so this condition would never happen. But now since the filters don’t reset anymore, they need to be adjusted to also retain all tags present in the current filter.

Cool, thanks @Andrei

Is this something that could be added soon-ish?

This is currently in testing to be released this week

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w00t! w00t! :+1: thanks Andrei

Loving the 1.2.14 update @Andrei, thank you so much! :grinning: