Archive days - what does this mean, and is unlimited archiving possible?

What does the archive days option mean? Will an archived item be automatically deleted after a while?

If the archived items do get deleted, is there a possibility to keep all the items (completed and not completed) forever in the database, for logging purposes?

Please read this post - it explains what Archive means and answers your question.

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Thanks for the pointer!


Is there a way to see archive tasks beyond “archive days” ? And is there a way to clean up archives ?

You mean without changing the setting? Only via sqlite query I think. With Archive Days you can also do a CSV export of everything

No, there’s no way.

Maybe we can have an option to clean archive after xx days ? To clean the database.

We can if it’s necessary, but why?

After x months, does it impact performance ?

No, the “archive days” setting aims to avoid loading the whole database. When it’s set to a few months, the size of the database is not important.

I think it should be left to the user if s/he wants to keep data indefinitely or not. A delete function in the Archive folder or better in the settings would do the job. I would appreciate a setting like this one:

Days to keep items in archive 180