Area filter and Tag filter in inbox (confusing)

Confusing issue (for me in 1.5.14):
If you have

  • tagged (e.g. “priv” and “work”) items in the inbox, and also untagged items in the inbox
  • and then you switch to area “work”
  • the tag filter “work” disappears, the tag “work” disappears and you can no longer distinguish between work items and untagged items → confusing (for me)
  • furthermore, you can no longer not restrict the inbox view to just items of the selected area → which i find extremely useful

I would far prefer to retain the tag filtering in inbox as it was previously implemented

Kind regards

Could you please clarify this?

The only thing that changed is hiding the area tags when the corresponding area is active. The filtering did not change.


  • Two Areas: Work and Priv
  • Three items in Inbox: 1) test1 (tagged Work) 2) test2 (tagged Priv) 3) test3 (untagged)

Example Inconvenience:

  • I check something in Next. I select area 1 Work and fiddle around.
  • I move to Inbox: I now see only test2 with a Priv tag (the Work tag is gone) → test1 and test 3 look the same
  • I want to press Tag Work to filter on those tagged with Work (but cant)
  • I have to unselect Area to all, and then press tag Work to filter

I think I understand.

Looks like tags should not be hidden in Inbox because that list is not filtered down to the current area.

I will create a ticket to fix this behavior.

Yes exactly - the solution is to not hide tags in Inbox (apologies for not stating this in the first place).
Thx for a wonderfully useful and excellent product.