Areas have disappeared from client Linux Everdo

All areas have disappeared from a client Linux Everdo that syncs to a server Linux Everdo. All areas on the server are fine. All other syncing between the two appears to be fine. This looks to have occurred after I edited names and colours of areas on the server per this bug:

Suggestions on restoring the Areas especially with regards to not messing up the server database. Clean pull?

Suggestions on avoiding this in the future?

This is not a known issue. I assume you are using local network sync and trying to sync two desktop apps.

Does it only affects areas, or all tags, or some specific tags?

What happens when you open the sync settings on the client and initiate a pull from the server? Do the tags appear on the client?

Can you identify which specific action makes the tags disappear.

Server: Linux Mint 20.3, Everdo 1.7.7
Client: Linux Mint 20.3, Everdo 1.7.7
Client: Android 10, Everdo 1.6-7
Client: Android 11, Everdo 1.6-7

After purchasing the Pro license:

  1. Installed license on the 4 devices above
  2. I made many additions and edits to Projects and Areas on the server instance without issue
  3. All changes synched successfully with Android instances
  4. Linux client instance synchs successfully for tasks, but all areas no longer show up in the “Edit Areas” view or throughout the instance
  5. The tags associated with the areas do still exist
  6. Later changes were made to the Area names in the server instance which changed the associated tags. These changes are not propagating to the tags on the Linux client, but do on the Android clients. And the Area changes continue to not propagate.

I think all the area syncing issues might have the same root cause as this: Renaming tag on Android does not sync to desktop - #12 by Andrei

Please try running the early access version of the app and see if the tags get synced properly AppImage.