Bounty Funding the Features we want


I payed for this app and would have no problem further funding “THE FEATURES THAT I WANT” If there were a way to do so.

And I speak for everyone else!

Let us put money on the features that we want.

Put a dollar value on our feature requests with a running sum of all who donated to that feature until the value is cleared.

You would make so much cash and make a lot of people happy to pay you.

Do you know how much I would throw down for you to get timed reminders / notifications working ?!?!?
But how much is it worth to you? That is a considerable amount of work – probably a full time month of work. $10,000? I’m confident if this were an option to fund, you could raise this.

Do you know?

You know how many people in the Android community need this app to work on Android because we get the short end of the stick and we hate iPhone and are forced painfully into Todoist slavery!

We are dying for this to be good.

And you need the cash cause a single developer ain’t gonna be able to sustain Mac, windows, Linux, and iPhone development along with a blog and forum and website.

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Bravo man!
i also love this app, and feel a little regret that it is not fully what i expect it to be currently.
Actually there are no GTD APP that i am 100% satisfied with.
i’ve tried Omnifocus, Todoist, Wunderlist, Remember the Milk, DGT GTD, Emacs org-mode, Mylifeorganized and etc.

i believe lots of guys feel the same, and it is also the reason that Andrei developed Everdo.

i like your idea and really wish Everdo can get more and more powerful

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