Can't use the free version of everdo on my second installation

Hello there, I have the free version of Everdo with the 1$ a month sync service. I have installed it on my main laptop and my secondary laptop + the android application. It works fine between my main laptop and my mobile phone, but on the secondary laptop it says “sorry, but you have exceeded Everdo Free limits”.

I have 0 notebooks and 0 projects, I can’t understand what is the limitation that I’m exceeding. Can anyone help me out?

It is maybe a bug in the app or something went wrong with syncing.
You can try to delete the cache of the app and try to manually stop the app.
But don’t forget to back-up your tasks!
After that, set your settings again, en try to sync again.


  1. Back up all tasks.
  2. Manually stop the app.
  3. Clear cache and buffer.
  4. Launch the app and tweak the settings.
  5. Enable syncing.
  6. Check if the issue still occurs.

Hopefully this helps :innocent:

Thanks! Uninstalling the app, removing the configuration folder and installing it again did the trick!

I’m glad it’s fixed, but could you please provide more details about the issue?

  1. Did you just install the app on the second laptop, or was it working before?
  2. Was the laptop in question being synced with the other devices?

Any detail that might be different about that laptop might help. Thanks!

Hello Andrei!

  1. I just installed the app on the second laptop;
  2. The laptop was synced with the encrypted sync service;

after further investigation looks like the areas where the problem. I didn’t know I had a max number of them for the free version. The thing I can’t understand is why the message was appearing only on the linux laptop…if there’s any way to send you some logs feel free to drop me a message!