DBus API for Everdo

It would be great if Everdo had DBus API (this is Linux specific). Then it would be possible to integrate it more closely with other applications, for example, with Thunderbird. One use case is the possibility to create Waiting task from mail being composed to someone requesting some service. Probably other use cases could be also identified.

Sorry if this was already mentioned, but couldn’t find it.

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Might it be possible to achieve such integration in a more general way for cross-platform support?

I’m thinking about general purpose extensibility, like extensions or hooks (like in git) or HTTP API. Those approaches seem more promising and would probably imply the possibility of calling into DBus (or listening).

What do you think?

To be honest, I don’t have a definite answer.

The best would be to have specific API for each platform (DBus for Linux, something else for Mac OS X and Windows), but that’s probably not something that you would like to have. :slight_smile:

So, probably some kind of REST API is as multiplatform as it can get. But, on the flip side I don’t know how well it would integrate with existing desktop systems. I know somewhat Linux as I use it all the time, and I know that DBus is de facto IPC mechanism used by all the major applications. What’s used on Mac OS X and on Windows, I don’t have a slightless clue.

In the end, it would be possible to create some form of adapter that would bridge REST API and DBus, but then again, someone would have to maintain it. :slight_smile:

It’s your call…