Duplicate tasks in projects

Every time I move a task to a project, it appear this task and a new duplicate task.

Can’t reproduce so far.

  1. How are you moving and from where?
  2. Where does the duplicate appears?
  1. Create a new project.
  2. Drag and drop an existing task from focus list to the project.
  3. In the project there are two tasks:


Oh this is strange. Could you please try that again after restarting Everdo?

There used to be a bug where Ctrl key would get “stuck” and make copies of items on each drag event. This might be related.

I’m still experiencing this bug too. But it is happening sporadically. I’ll try to narrow down under which circumstances it happens. Mine happens when reordering items… sometimes… sometimes not.

A few more changes related to this bug will come out soon. Hopefully they’ll help. Meanwhile if you notice any specific circumstances when it occurs, please let me know!

Perfect thanks Andrei, will do.

P.S. I’m impressed with this product and will be buying it!! :slight_smile: