Email importing

It seems it isn’t possible to import emails into Everdo, right? I’d be looking for a functionality to forward emails to, alternatively handling this through IFTTT/Zapier. Are there any such plans?


It would be a great improvement!

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I’m not sure about OP, but dragging and dropping web browser links or links from Outlook would actually be preferable for me.

Like many mid-big businesses I work entirely in Microsoft products, so being able to drag an email from Outlook into Everdo and have it create a task. My Life Organized and Swift To Do List both do this, IIRC.

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Dragging from Outlook is also an improvement, but a different one.

Email importing allows you to setup automated process to a much greater extent (I use for example Outlook quick-actions to automate several steps, Taskclone to import Evernote-tasks and more).

Dragging from Outlook adds the advantage of the email-id being copied so you can open it directly.

I see these as complementing features, not competing ones. And email import is essential in order for your todo-app not to live in its own world.

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There are a few other topics discussing integration options. I would like Everdo to work with other apps as much as possible, but don’t have a specific solution for now. All options will be considered, including Email, IFTTT, API, etc.

Thumbs up for email drag and drop

Any other apps implement this? Want to get a better idea of the UX.

For example MyLifeOrganized does this (it also does email import which is a standard among all task managers).

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

Hi Andrei!

At first - thanks for creating such simple, practical and nice tool like EverDo is!

To the point - There’s a way how to enable references to Outlook objects like Emails - look for “outlook:GUID” URI scheme - which is used e.g. by ToDoList by AbstractSpoon Software and works for me in Outlook 2016 @ Win10 - when I drag Outlook object into the task record, this special hyperlink is inserted there.

Workaround for me would be to generate these outside EverDo (e.g via VBA) or use helper utilities like Linker™ for Windows® by TeamScope Software (is disappearing now)

It may require extra Outlook configuration to be fully functional depending on the user situation (to enable the scheme, switch off warnings or enforce usage of existing instance instead of the opening new one)

or search the web for “outlook:guid” or “microsoft 158135” keywords…

Does opening a link in the format outlook://GUID work correctly? I mean opening in the browser.

Unfortunately, this simply cannot be implemented in Everdo because of a limitation in underlying technology. An alternative way to add such items to Everdo could be via a script in Outlook that utilizes an Everdo API endpoint (once it’s released).

The outlook://GUID links are being opened directly in the desktop Outlook app thanks to proper URI handling (either by OS or TaskMgmt app). When I try to open them in the browser it fails, at minimum in IE and FF (= they don’t know how handle this “protocol”).

Thanks for fast reply. Then I need to stick with AbstractSpoon’s ToDolist for my corp work.

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I thumb up this topic !

I’m looking for a solution to have only one inbox.
If we can have a email like nirvanahq, we can use ifttt to :

  • forward gmail to everdo
  • forward outlook to everdo
  • forward SMS to everdo
  • forward voicemail to everdo
  • forward braintoss to everdo
  • forward Alexa to everdo
    And many more with ifttt !

That’s way, everdo become the control center of all inputs !

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This is not forgotten. Email importing will probably be a ESS feature because a central server is needed for that.

Just adding my 2 cents - tried most GTD-compatible systems that are available, lately coming from FacileThings. They haven’t implemented the “share to” function in Android - the ONLY way to share content to FT is by sharing to email, then sending the content to a unique address. It actually works quite well but is often way too cumbersome. You can also add inline commands in the copy to add multiple tasks that way.
Considering your penchant for ease of use, it would certainly be the easiest way to create tasks based on incoming emails.
Many systems have this feature.
It is also much better than sharing URLs from Outlook etc. Someone said above that many small businesses use Outlook - I beg to differ. We for example are all in on Google suite. The share by email is simple, easy and universal.
Thanks for an otherwise great product!