Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.18- Everdo


Two types of projects, the same icon.
I am sure that vertical and horizontal lines as an icon dependently on project type would be a better idea


The easiest way is to add a link which is visible only when hover a mouse on project name section. This is how it works in Nirvana.

I see, but is it valuable to distinguish between sequential and parallel projects in this context?

Maybe there is no big value but using the same icon which doesn’t have meaning is probably even less valuable:)

Hey there,
just wanted to let you now that i use Everdo on Fedora. I am a little sad about the removal of the .rpm package, but as long as it is ok to extract the AppImage i am fine.

Does anyone have similar issue?

I have it. I’ll see what’s going on.

If there are any specific concerns about using AppImage vs rpm, please let me know.
Just to be on the same page, you don’t have to extract the AppImage. It’s not an archive, but a self-contained executable. You only need to chmod +x and then you run it as any program or script.

In my case this happened because tags from next actions of someday projects got included in the list. I think this can be fixed in the next update.

In my case it is different. Tags that I see in the Next list come from Waiting list or even from a particular project only (without next actions).

Does not work properly. E.g. Inbox. I set to collapsed when in inbox, then I restart the app on windows and everything is expanded again.
Same with next, waiting and so on.

It does work while the app is open but not when restarting.

Expanding and collapsing are excluded.

Do you mean collapsing of the list sections is not restored after restart?

I mean the collapse/expand that is reachable by ctrl +[ or ]

OK I see.

This means state of the list itself, i.e. the sections, as opposed to individual items. Ctrl+] is just a shortcut to collapse all individual items at the same time. It is not considered a part of list state (in this implementation at least).

Ok, this is definitely needed.
At least it works while the app is open.
Please please add a default setting to keep things collapsed.

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Do you mean Alt+]?
For me Ctrl+] does nothing.

BTW This shortcut still doesn’t work on macOS

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Absolutely agree. As default items should be collapsed.

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Completed but not archived tasks are not presented under Next, Waiting or Focus lists. We can see them only under projects.
On the iOS app, it seems to work properly.

I suspect this is because you use grouping by project on the desktop. In this case the Done section is not shown. If you switching to the default grouping mode, you should see the complete actions again.
Is this correct?

Yes it is correct :slight_smile: thanks for explanation