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Great update ! I didn’t understand that the repeat occur only after completion !

Is it possible to have a mix of two ?

For exemple :

  • get the trash out, schedule-based repeating ok
  • bathe my child, frequency-based repeating ok
  • write hour of work to my boss, schedule-based repeating (every 2 days) but sometimes I can’t / forget to do this and I have 3/4/5 the same task.

So I can’t use frequency-based repeating because it must be do on specifics days.

Is it possible to not duplicate tasks until completion of the first one ? If I forgot to do my task for 5 days, instead of having 3 tasks “send hours to boss” I have only one.


In this scenario you can create a weekly repeating action targeted at specific days of week, then set the Do not repeat until… flag. As a result, the action will repeat on specified days of week, but will not duplicate.

Now when we choose a filter from filter panel then available filtering options are decreased to possible ones according to the first chosen filter. It this a conscious behavior?

I believe it is not conscious because of further filters override the first one.

Is this behavior causing issues? It seems more useful.

What do you mean by that? Clicking on a tag always used to override the old combination of tags, unless holding Ctrl.

Yes, the intention was to improve user experience by eliminating irrelevant tags.

But now when we want to switch for example between two areas of focus we have to follow these steps:

  1. click one area
  2. click all
  3. click different area
    Don’t you think it is better to make relevant options more vivid and visible rather than hiding others?

BTW. shortcut for clearing all filters would be very handy here

I don’t know, maybe you are right and it is ok:) but the shortcut for clearing filters is a must-have!

Good point, but you don’t have to click All. You can just click on the same tag again to unselect it.

Yes, but nonetheless it is additional click :slight_smile:

It is still very inconvenient to use the keyboard to choose tags. When we scroll by keyboard the currently selected tag is behind the screen

Like this ?

I think this should work.

seems to still exist

Option to not repeat an action if the previous iteration has not been completed

That’s a great feature. Thank you very much!
Everdo becomes greater and greater.

What do you think about option of grouping items by state (Next, waiting, projects etc) on the Focus list?

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I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but @contexts appear in the ‘contexts’ section AND in the ‘tags’ section in the left hand column. Would it not be simpler if @contexts lived under the contexts title and tags lived under the tags title?

Also, area names appear in the ‘tags’ section? If I want to filter by area I do this from the top bar…

I think that the Focus list works best when not grouped at all, because then you can properly order items. The purpose of the focus list is mostly to bring attention to selected/critical items (which should be few). The Focus list shows a different perspective compared to other views. Why do you think grouping is necessary?

I think it could be implemented the way you have suggested. But it’s probably not significant enough to change right now, as there are more impactful features to work on. You can also think that since a context is a kind of tag, it’s not wrong to show contexts under tags as well.

This is similar to the contexts question, but also I think that Area tags should definitely appear in the Tags section because that is the easiest way to see all items of a specific Area as a single view, without switching areas.

I just want to clearly distinct tasks that I am waiting for from my tasks.
Probably no other value.

BTW Are you going to add an ability to sort the project list alphabetically? :slight_smile:

What is the meaning of a Waiting + Focused task in your workflow?

You mean have it automatically sorted instead of manual ordering?

When it comes to my professional life sometimes I have more or at least similar number of delegated tasks to number of my tasks. Many of them have a due date. When their dates arrive I just want to separate them easy from my tasks.


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This is something I’d also like. The ability to toggle projects/actions to automatically sort alphabetically would be a great boon. This would be especially helpful for lists like “Movies to Watch”. On the other hand, when converting notes into actions, they don’t retain their order, which means its sorting automatically in a situation where it usually isn’t desired.

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