Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

Yes, these suggestions are not lost. Smaller improvements are listed in a different place. Otherwise this backlog would be many screens long :slight_smile:

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Do you think about improving android / Windows app or there’re still things to do on iPhone side ?

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No worries I think about it constantly :slight_smile: We will see frequent updates to both Desktop and Android in the coming months.

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Maybe an option on android to set first day of week to sort calendar. For me it’s Monday but calendar always start by Sunday


Not a big deal but when you switch between your calendar and everdo, you quickly select the wrong day.

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It’s been a week since I started using your application in intensive testing. I appreciate it more than my old todoist and it’s certainly one of the best GTD apps.
I share my suggestions for the roadmap even if I know that some are already planned. This allows to show the request (pity that there is no service to vote)

I agree with members who want the roadmap to be clearer
1 / arrive ~ nov-dev 2019
2 / next version a priori
3 / later
4 / a day maybe like GTD :wink:
Do paying members benefit from having their requests taken into account :-)?

Here in descending order:

  • 5 * select multiple tasks (ok I saw that happens)
  • 5 * link with a txt file or image by storing the path but not the file in the bdd
  • 4 * if photo link, the ideal would be to have a thumbnail of the photo visible in the note everdo and click to have it in a larger format. ok clea must be difficult!)
  • 5 * save: determine the storage path of the database in the application configuration, give the opportunity to store viat FTPS, at its supplier nextcloud or others …
  • 4 * opening link in profile firefox (seems to me that it worked once!)
  • 3 * tags: indicate the number of occurrences in task management to be able to eliminate some
  • 3 * tags: sort on the name and occcurence number
  • 3 * contact: add tel. & note, url?
  • 2 * note: collapse / expand in 1 click on icon where possibly add intermediate to see just 3 first lines
  • 2 * note: Basic HTML: bold … (Markdown?)
  • 2 * personal inbox address sends from my email
  • 2 * put the color display of the tasks late in the left column currently figure in red. I would prefer greater visibility of late tasks (ex: black figure on circled red background)


All suggestions are judged according to their merit.

Will be implemented.

Already possible: file:///path-to-file

I believe a click on a linked image file already opens it. But a preview of image files is too complex and out of scope for Everdo.

Probably not.

Not 100% sure what you mean.


ok but that might encourage you to buy the app and that does not stop you from deciding


By putting a link in the notes and clicking on this link, it does not open the browser (but I’m in multi-profiles with firefox, maybe I need to open a discussion elsewhere !?)

see the picture


I updated the top post, hopefully it’s better now. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to provide any more detail than that. Everdo Development Roadmap and Backlog

Ok thanks if I understand correctly? it’s roughly by ~ date of implementation; closer to the farthest
2 other suggestions :wink:

  • default = collapse all (or set in settings?), I spend my time clicking! and under ubuntu, I can not use alt + [
  • see number (or set as? settings) on next, scheduled, someday
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Sync status indication

I believe that “Sync now” action button on the topbar or hotkey will come with this feature in order to avoid every 5 sec requests to ESS, and fast sync last changes.

Yes, that makes sense.

Thank you for this update (v1.2.19)
I was hoping (but I misunderstood) that Collapse would be one of them.
It’s really painful on a daily basis. Will you include it in the next update?


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Same with me. I checked the roadmap and couldn’t find the feature request anymore.
Please, please add a setting like “collapse/expand notes by default”


  • collapse / expand in 1 click on icon
  • default = collapse all (or set in settings?), I spend my time clicking! and under ubuntu, I can not use alt + [

Everyday I am bothered by this problem :frowning:
I hope this will happen soon and that it will be at the top of your priorities :slight_smile:

Try ctrl+alt+[
At least this did the trick for me.

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Hello Team, would it be an Idea to implement the idea of pomodoro timer/technik into Everdo? you have an great to org todos that its ideal for gtd, an so your users could do more with the tool.

thanks for this app! its great and your focus on privacy is great!

This has been suggested before, but it’s not clear what value is there to having an integrated timer vs using a second app. Myself, I always just use the standard phone timer app for implementing time blocks (pomodoro). Not even a dedicated app - why complicate a simple thing?

Hello Andrei,

Thanks for reply.

Thats was the point i thought about. on the left side your app: like a good unix app: do one thing and this great! on the other side: one app for the task mgnt and one app for the pomodoro…
the longer i think about it: your idea with the android timer is great :slight_smile: simple, without one hunderd options and it runs…
so the left side wins :slight_smile: everdo for everything