Everdo Feature Ideas

Just in case - you can also combine/multi-select tags with Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+RightClick

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This one is important to me. Most of my projects are a combination of parallel and sequential tasks. So a project may have a sequential main ‘timeline’ of core actions but within them there will be smaller parallel tasks that need to be done. Or it could be the other way around. OF is very good at allowing me the flexibility to go as deep on this as I need which when used with the ‘Available’ filter for my next actions is very powerful.


What about localization ?

(If you plane to translate Everdo in other language i can help you on a French one)

I really appreciate it, but I don’t think localization is going to happen anytime soon.

Have you considered the integration with other tools such as evernote, google calendar or office365 calendar?

Yes, here’s the topic for Calendar Integration
Regarding other integrations - not yet, but please suggest if it’s something specific and widely applicable.

While there is no app, the following integration with evernote may be interesting:

Every new note in a certain evernote notebook is a new action in the inbox and when the note is procesed it will be erased from evernote. In this way with the evernote note creation widget it would be very easy to create a new action in everdo when you are not using the computer and you want to capture something.

Two features I would really love to see:

  • possibility to set week starting on Monday in date picker
  • colors for tags (like here: https://wekan.github.io/ or in Asana)

PS. I’m really glad I found your app guys, it’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

You can change tag colors. Go to Edit for the tags, simply click on the tag, it’ll drop down a list of possible colors. Or were you looking for something different?

Cool, I totally missed that, thanks. It’s just date picker then :slight_smile:

I just noticed a slight inconsistency. The left sidebar tags and the tags shown for filtering (both in the project and for the waiting/scheduled/someday/focus areas) aren’t colored. I suspect this was done to not distract, but I suspect most people apply colors for semantic reasons and having them colored there as well would provide more meaning.

Yes, having colored tags in navigation was quite distracting. Maybe there’s a way to make the coloring more subtle, like a colored dot or something.

Also a right click on the tag in the item view.

Yes, this has been requested before: First day of the week configurable

Searching for something on Windows again. Everdo is so, so close to what I want. But I’m missing the same two features:

  1. A full view of everything. All projects with all tasks in a single view. Very useful for review and to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. It’s just as much psychological as it is utility.
  2. An option, like NirvanaHQ or Ominfocus, to show a project’s next action in the “Next” list, or like Things to show only the next 1-5 – user selectable – actions.

I’d buy a copy today if Everdo behaved that way.

If I understand correctly, the “All” filter almost does this, only without grouping tasks into projects?

Sequential projects will be added in the next week’s release. The “next” list will show all actions from parallel projects and one action from sequential projects.

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I would really love to see better reporting functions ie. print to pdf.

I have a lot of lists and notes and need a system whereby at the end of whatever the event or task was can print to archive as a pdf, print to paper as a tick list, print to pdf and email etc.

This really would save being behind a screen also with the ability to print hard copies of check items of tasks etc and these are scanned anyway for filing.

But thats what I would love. Amazing reporting functions, whether to pdf, (other format eg. export to mindmap) or print to paper.

I used google keep and what i like was when i finished with a note, task i click “add to google drive” and that was it, the job was archived in google drive and it was cleaned off google keep****

Have you tried the export as text feature? It’s plain text instead of PDF. It might not have all the information you need, but it would help if you checked it out to tell me what missing.
Demo here - Everdo Update 0.17.0 Export View as Text, Inline Commands- Everdo

Thanks Andrei - i will check. I am sure followers will be happy to let things grow organically even if its an export feature but theres nothing like having a report generator as a feature for future in mind.

I even prefer reporting over eg. apps. as reports can be stored in an archival system nicely etc - if you have a look at google keep for example theres a one click button that says archive to google docs by the way. Thats a really, really good feature.

On a related note, one of the things I like most about Everdo is the way it stores data. Everything is in an Sqlite database, on your machine.

So in a way, everything is already archived and can be kept forever in a timeless way. Just make sure to backup the DB file once in a while.

The Everdo database file can also be read by other apps and scripts to generate any kind of report one wants. This requires some programming skills, but it’s powerful.