Export everdo from ubuntu to everdo on android smartphone

I wish to test that. I see how to export the application ubuntu but not the import in the android application. how to do?

There’s not file-based import on Android (yet). You can try syncing the data over the network

Thank you for your reply.
It seems a little complicated.
I have a computer (not portable) where I started to create several projects …
I have the smartphone with some tasks but no project.
If I understand correctly it is necessary to put the smartphone in master because it is mobile!
But how to find the ip address of the mobile? it’s not the same as the fixed computer via wifi?
Can I copy the database file to Ubuntu instead of the database on the smartphone (I will lose some tasks but it does not matter). It seems simple to me!!
Reading the comments, I feel that your paid synchronization tool is much simpler
Is that the case ? that would make me a simple backup as I like them

Unfortunately an Android device can’t be the server because of some technical limitations. You can make the computer the server and the phone will be a client.

No, that wouldn’t work.

Yes, ESS can be a lot more convenient after set it up. You could sign up and use it for a month for free and then switch to network-based sync.

That works well.
For info I had trouble copying “Encryption Key” by sending it by mail. I regenerated several times, he put me that I did not have 16 random English words. This finally work with the QR code!
I will work that way even if I prefer a real backup.
I suggest

  • determine the storage path of the database in the application configuration
  • give the opportunity to store viat FTPS, at its supplier nextcloud or others …