Feature Idea: Focused View

Small Feature Idea:

While working with Everdo i constantly get distracted by seeing all the other tasks which are still open.

It would be great to have some kind of focused view where you are only able to see the current task on which you are working.

Thanks for providing such a great piece of software!


Do you have an example of how that might look?

Well it could be something like the collapse / expand button which hides all Tasks except the one selected.
A cool addition would be to make the selected Task bigger as well.

Sorry for not being able to provide a visual example at that point.

I found a good explanation in the Omnifocus Forum:


OK, what do you think about this:

  • create a context, for example @!focusedview
  • when you want to isolate a single task, you drag it to @!focusedview in the sidebar
  • navigate to @!focusedview and do the work
  • after work is done, mark task complete and move the next one

In any case, I’m gonna try this myself to see how it works. I tend to have a bunch of stuff in my “Focus” list, so another level of focus might be useful.

The ! in the name so that it’s always at the top of contexts.

Thanks so much for this fast reply. Will try it out.