Filter for Standalone actions

Everdo is super cool, using it I feel more in control of my tasks than I ever have before.

At the moment I’m looking at the balance between coping with everything life flings at me (let’s say these are Standalone tasks) with the Project work that I really want to focus on.

I’m finding myself swamped by Standalone tasks in the UI (though some nifty sqlite queries are helping with this)

Wouldn’t a Standalone filter in ACTIONS lists be really useful here?

Does this help? It separates standalone actions into a separate group.

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Thanks Andrei. Boy do I feel stupid :blush:
Awesome, thank you!

Would it be (or it is it already and I’ve missed it (see above)) possible for the collapse shortcut
ALT-[ on Windows
to in some way include collapsing projects?

No reason, it takes time to discover features like this.

You mean collapse the groups in “group by project mode”?

Yes, “You mean collapse the groups in “group by project mode?”

Navigation between projects would be simpler