[Fixed] Cannot collapse/expand task on Desktop (Windows) if created on Android app

When I want to collapse/expand a task on the desktop app that is created from the Android app, then I cannot collapse the task.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a task in the Android app (0.90.0) with a description.
  2. Open the Everdo desktop app (1.2.17) on Windows.
  3. Go to the task that’s created with the app.
  4. Try to collapse/expand the specific task.

Unable to collapse/expand the specific task.


  1. Duplicate the bugged task with CTRL + drag in the desktop app.
  2. Delete the original bugged task.
  3. Remove “Copy of” from the title of the duplicated task.

The task is able to collapse/expand as expected.

It’s probably related to the fact that the task has just been synced over from another device (unrelated to Android specifically). I’ll look into it. Thanks for reporting!