Get notification für scheduled tasks


I would really like to have reminders for my tasks. These can be email or as notification under Windows.


Please describe why and how you would use the notifications, so that I understand your needs correctly.



thanks for the fast answer.

When I open my PC in the morning, I would like to be reminded / notified of the things that are on focus today (or now). In a further step emails that mail me my upcoming todos for today / the next days were great.


Wouldn’t that be the same as just opening the focus list? Same for email.

I’m just trying to understand the benefit of this kind of notification vs what we already have.

If tasks could be scheduled for specific time, in that case I see how notifications would help. But as it stands now, scheduling is on a day basis, so you only need to check Focus once a day to not miss anything.


Yes and no. I dont want to look into that focus folder all the time. Scheduling for a specifiv time would also be great but in the first step it would be enough to get the reminder at a specific time of the day.


Now we are getting somewhere. So you want to be reminded at certain times of day of what’s left on your Focus list?

This might actually be a great addition, especially for tasks with a due date and such.

I like the idea of Email notification over OS-based because it’s too easy to dismiss OS messages, and you’d have to be in front of the computer to see them in time.


I would like to chime in here and bring this feature request back to the top of the list. I have found Everdo when searching for a replacement for the soon-to-be-killed Google Inbox.

I use reminders in Google Inbox to tell me of a specific task I need to remember at a specific time. I think what @johannesscherbaum is asking, or at least what I am hoping is being asked, is for this feature. An email, or OS notification of a specific item at a specific time.

Ideally, this could work with recurring tasks. For example, “Remind me every Wednesday at 5:00pm to take out the trash”.


In the same fashion, setting a time (hh;mm) for any scheduled task would be a very nice feature. Currently standard for many other tasks and lists apps.


I was thinking of handling this via calendar integration. You optionally set a time of day on your scheduled tasks, and those notifications automatically get added to your calendar. I believe any time-based features are useless when not integrated with a calendar.