Get notification für scheduled tasks

  1. That makes me dependant on two apps to do one thing

  2. what do you do with five things due at the same time? That is doing to be one wild calendar. All those tasks with a calendar entry… Wow. Good luck with managing that calendar.

  3. calendars have start times and finishing times. Tasks don’t. Is the app going to create a bunch of five minute tasks?


Please don’t take me wrong but you seem to be very focused on yourself and your own needs.

This is how I manage my tasks and calendar:
According to GTD methodology, I do my next tasks as soon as possible. Depending on available time, energy and context. I have Nirvana and Everdo app opened all the time at work. I start my day from quick look at my next action list. I also check my calendar every morning.
Even when I plan some tasks to be done tomorrow and so on I don’t want them in my calendar. I don’t want them there unless it is crucial to do on that date.

None of my “normal” next action tasks are on my calendar. My calendar is the most important tool that I have. I put there only tasks and events that have to be done at a particular time. If it is not done at that time then it is invalid and I can get rid of it.
My calendar keeps only must-do task, not optional tasks. It is funny how a small number of tasks are real 100% commitment for a particular day.
For me, it is impossible to have two tasks at the same time in my calendar. At the same day, yes but it is not a problem. It is rather normal.
I manage my work stream not conversely.

I also use time blocking method to protect my most productive time during the day. I put into my calendar an event which is 3-4 hours long. It is put at my most productive time and it protects me from any kind of meetings and other things. It’s my time for my deep work.
I use my calendar for this because I want my colleagues to know that I am busy at a particular time.
What is very important, I don’t plan particular tasks but I block my time for deep work. Whatever it is.

Of course, your approach isn’t bad but it is not something universal. Each of us has different duties and jobs. We have to adapt our workflow in a way that the best suits us.

I think you shouldn’t force your approach so heavily.


Just curious why you are using Nirvana and Everdo at the same time?
Aren’t they basically the same app?


Nirvana is my major trusted system and I love it. It works great for me. I used Nozbe since 2013 and after 6 years switched to Nirvana. Nirvana is very stable and mature product but its development is very slow. It’s not a real minus for me but such situation always provokes thought about abandoned product. Even if it’s not true when it comes to Nirvana. I found Everdo by chance and started to delve into it because of its similarities to Nirvana. Now both apps are pretty equal but Everdo’s roadmap is outstanding for me. It could be the best option on the market. And now go to the point:) I have particular group of projects which are very sensitive and I really struggled with managing them along with my typical everyday projects. Even if I managed them in different areas in Nirvana I felt like in stuffy room. So I decided to give a try and move them to Everdo. I am very happy with this division.