Mobile reminders

I don’t wanna sound like a jerk because I argued for this for a long time and Andrei was kind enough to implement it even against his own vision for Everdo, but I have to address these elephants in the room and I just hope everyone is clear that Everdo continues to be one of my favorite peices of software that I use on a daily basis.

That being said.

  1. nag ] I was not expecting when I set a reminder that it would nag me daily, since I think it is objectively obvious that schedules change on a daily basis and what is good for 5am on Monday, is likely not good for 5am Sunday.

What’s more, if I wanted to set the reminder to “nag” , I would not set it as a daily nag but would rather like to set the interval myself, which would likely be something like every 5 minutes or every hour, but definitely not the same time every day? The reminder would be a whole 24 hours late if I missed it.

I believe Andrei realizes this but somehow a 24 hour nag was implemented out of convenience.

Just for the record. It is not a good idea. A check box to nag or not to nag would be preferable if it is too much work to implement nag interval choice.

  1. cant find ] I want to turn off all of my reminders after I realized that they are going to nag me at odd times of the day but I cannot find which tasks have reminders attached to them. That is stressful.

  2. work pc vs mobile ] I am not allowed to tinker with my phone at work and so I need the ability to adjust the reminders on my work PC, but they are not there. I realize that they have only been implemented on mobile but knowing this does not relieve the stress. I need to set reminders to happen on my phone when I am mobile. When I am mobile, I don’t have time to set reminders. Do you see the issue?

I understand from the developer’s perspective that having reminders on mobile only is easy.

Why not call them “mobile-reminders” and allow us to edit them via PC? That way users will not be confused that even though they can edit them via PC, they are merely mobile-reminders?

  1. conclusion ] It is obvious that reminders are not part of the Everdo vision and that they have been begrudgingly implemented with little thought of actual use. Painfully obvious.

If I have to use my phone to set up 24 hour nags that only run on my phone, that is almost completely useless and causes confusion especially I imagine with people who have more than one mobile device (YIKES. Which device did I set which reminder on!?!?) It is incredibly stressful not being able to edit the reminders on my PC when I am doing my actual reviews and planning. The only reason I have reminders set in the first place is due to a random day when I was fiddling with planning on my phone while on a long train ride. Since then, these reminders keep nagging me days later and when I come to my PC to fix the issue, they are not there.

Can we have a checkbox to remove the 24h nag altogether?
Can we have the ability to edit the mobile-reminders on PC?
Can we have a “reminder” filter item so we can quickly find which tasks are nagging us on odd days and remove the reminder?
Can we have a notification option to remove the reminder in the notification?

In the end I am thankful that Andrei went far out of his way to try to bring this function to us and Everdo remains one of my favorite apps which has countless features which actually DO work flawlessly. (just not reminders :stuck_out_tongue: ) Keep up the good work.


interesting, mobile reminders seems like a great idea. I always like to think of the deskotp as the central hub always and have the mobile chime in when something needs to get done,

This is my ideal. I use my desktop at home and work as the setup for the day, then rely on my phone as I’m running about trying to get everything done.