Mobile sync without network

Just started using Everdo and so far really like it.
because of work policy, one of my main requirements are that my tasks are not synced over the cloud, and Everdo obviously fits the bill perfectly there.

Ideally I would also like to carry my tasks with me on my work iPhone, but it seems like the current sync methods will not let me do this. Again, because of policy, I have no way of connecting my iPhone to the same network as my desktop computer, so performing a local network sync will not be an option.

Is there already some method for me to perform a sync when the iPhone is connected to the computer via USB?

If not, this would be a great future feature.

I think what we could realistically do in the short term is to add support for file-based import and export features in mobile apps. Then it would at least be possible to sync by sending files from between devices.

Supporting USB-based sync is a much bigger problem to solve.

That would be excellent.

I haven’t looked at the manual/file based sync, but it would (obviously) be best with something that requires as few manual steps as possible.

Throwing out an idea:
Since the filesystem of the phone gets mounted when the USB cable is connected, maybe the mobile app and desktop app could do some simple communication by watching some directory for new data?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s possible to make this way of syncing completely seamless, on Apple and Windows devices at least. But the demand for this capability seems low and the effort to get it right is high. On the other hand, a file-based import can be added soon without delaying other impactful features. It is more difficult for the user, but it is much better than nothing.

No problems. I realize that this is not a very prioritized issue.
Having a manual option at least lets me try it out even if it requires some fiddling at sync time.