Navigation guard when editing tasks to avoid data loss

Currently when I am editing a task, and then navigate to another view using the side menu, then any changes I already made in the task are simply ignored without warning.

To avoid accidentally losing small or large changes that way (and not even noticing it), Everdo should show a confirmation dialog when any changes have already been made and the user is moving away from the edit page. That dialog should ask to either save or cancel.


Hi I also noticed this and made this post Less volatile actions in Android app where Andrei fixed some of the problems in the next Android release. Hope it helps!

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Great! But the problem exists in the Desktop (Windows) app as well.

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Jep I already reported that one way back in 2020, happens regularly to me.

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+1 this happens to me pretty often too

Will try to look at it soon.


If a task editor is open and there were changes, the cofirmation dialogue (“do you want to save or cancel?”) should also appear when pressing “Esc” or quitting the application.

Oh yes, I should also have reported this!

I stop counting the number of times it happened to me: writing something and clicking somewhere else either to look for some information or intentionally to close the edit window (default behavior with Google Keep that I am also using, for instance). Then I lose everything; this is very frustrating!

I have created a ticked to this suggestion with normal priority.


I think normal priority isn’t suitable. This issues means data loss and user frustration. Also, this shouldn’t be that hard to implement!