Next/Focus widget for Android

I’ve seen a few calls for an android widget, but no top-level posts. I really need a widget for my next-action or starred list, or else I’ve found that I just don’t open the app enough to remember the things I have to do. I actually had to move away from Everdo and go for TickTick because they have a good-looking and usable widget.

Specifically, it must be:

  • Transparent with an option for black or white text
  • Show whatever list or project we want
  • Have a quick-capture option

I will abandon the 1 year subscription I paid for for Tick Tick and happily move to Everdo if this is implemented.

Thank you


Before I think it’s more important a widget for create new actions.


for Android version, widget is very important, for quick entry or quick view.

Yes please :slight_smile:

Fast capture is vital in GTD!


This is really a needed feature - most users cast a casual glance at their phones much more often every day than looking into the desktop app or mobile app IMO, so having a widget would be tremendously helpful in getting reminded about scheduled TODO items.

Todoist is a good example of how to do this. They even have quick action for adding new tasks. It would be awesome if something similar were added to Everdo.


For me a really simple widget would be best: just some blank text line (pretty much like the google search widget) such that the written line goes straight into my inbox. As was already mentioned, fast capture is most important, so the steps needed should be as short as possible. And the preprocessing can afterwards be done with the desktop app.

Two figures illustrating my previous message. Todoist’s widget, which shows the todays agenda:


Todoist’s “add task” shortcut, which allows quickly capturing a task:


(keywords and phrases such as “today”, “in two days”, “next week”, “on August 25th” or “every Monday” are automatically converted into appropriate properties of the task)

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That is an interesting workflow. “Instead of just opening the app, close all the apps, get to home to spot the widget, and then from there open the app if you need to make an edit.”

What about if the task is due, just getting a notification?
Do we need a widget before we get notifications?

If you want a quick create function, I’d rather have a floating button like Drafts for iPhone has or IdeaPad.

I agree that the usefulness of a widget that basically duplicates the app’s contents is questionable. I’m probably missing something important here.

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IMO, it’s useful because most people don’t make the effort to open the app and check which items are upcoming.

On the other hand, most people have a habbit of unlocking the phone many times a day and taking a look, so if there’s a widget on the desktop waiting for them, they get reminded about important todo items.

The benefit of the “add task” shortcut is that it’s a lightning-quick, low-effort way to add a task.


I see a personal benefit to a widget is that. If one were to exist it would mean that a specific set of filters could be displayed instantly instead of always having to think about which set I want to view.

How I would use a widget is by making it a kind of pop out window using Tasker. When I click on a button I make them the set of filters I set up in a widget pop out.

This would get around not having a way to save our own sets of filters as smart lists.

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These great use cases, thanks everyone.

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I just made the switch to Everdo since it really is the best task management software I have found so far. One thing I really miss though from apps I have used previously is the option to add a widget to my Android homescreen. The great thing about having a widget is that I see my next tasks every time I unlock my phone. In my personal use case I also place a pomodoro timer widget next to it.
TLDR: I would also really appreciate the addition of a widget option on Android. :smiley:

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