Option to autotically create item titles as list in project note/description field?

When I click on the Project tab in the sidebar, I see a list of all projects, but I can only see the project titles. Often I want to see an overview of the project items as well, so I click my way into a project to see what needs to be done.

At the moment I manually type in and update a list with all item titles in the note/description field of each project.

I guess one option would be to create a list out of item titles automatically. That in combination with the announced option of collapsible items would be a killer feature to add a lot of clarity to my lists. Does anybody feel that could be useful as well, or is something like this planned already?

In my case it is not useful, when i want to see the actions of a project i directly click in the project and I see it.

Hm… I mostly need an overview at the beginning and the end of a day, so I know the next steps.

I think the idea is to work off the “Next” list, which combines relevant actions from all active projects. Sound like exactly what you need. Also make sure to set sequential/parallel setting for each project.

I only use the “Projects” list during review as a “master list” according to GTD book.

It seems there are several ways to achieve a similar thing, I will try to give the “Next” list more attention than now. Also, I haven’t looked into the sequential/parallel setting yet, should check that out too.