Order of tasks in iOS app

Pro user on Linux and iOS and I love the app and effort that’s gone into it. Sync is perfect and the layout is very intuitive on the desktop app.

However, in iOS the tasks can’t be ordered by project (as they can in the desktop app) and so I am left with a long list of tasks which would, as I say, normally be ordered by project.

What I can’t work out (and it’s been months!) is what order the tasks are shown in the iOS app?

As an example, if I’m viewing the Focus/All Areas screen in iOS, what order are the tasks displayed?

It’s not alphabetical. It’s not by project. It’s not by date/time added.

While the order seems totally random they are, at leas, fixed in the list and so the next time I go to that screen they are in the same order but, again, the order seems random.

Can someone help me get my head around how they are displayed?


Hey, sorry for late reply, I missed your post somehow.

I think you mean grouping by project - it is not implemented in the iOS app (yet)

The order is supposed to be custom. Meaning that the tasks stay in the position after you manually order them. The same applies to Focus.

It’s important that the order stays constant when switching between Next and other lists. Other than that, I think there is not great need to automatically order tasks in the Next list (in the context of GTD). Optional ordering by time or energy could be helpful, admittedly.

Ah! I had no idea I could manually order them in those lists.

I feel very silly now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and keep up the amazing work!