Probleme with archive?

I sent a report yesterday.
I updated with the latest version but it did not solve the problem.
I send 2 screenshots.

In a list “notebook”, the app sees only 3 notes!!
In the archive when I activated archiving, it seems to me that these are items from the previous list that have been archived (but that I do not want to archive)
I had to restore 1 by 1, putting them as active (not found any other way!)
I did not pay attention before! maybe in connection with the passage version pro! ??

You report was received, thank you. Trying to understand what is going on.

Did you convert the other 5 items from completed actions to notes?

it does not seem to me that this is the case for the elements not recognized in the list of notes. It is true that I have mainly actions to put isolated elements in projects (or notebook) after the purchase. I did not pay attention immediately to what was happening. It was by seeing these items in the trash that I realized they should not have been deleted. I restored them and saw the problem.
I do not necessarily know well explained. If in the meantime, you have an idea on how to have the right number of items in the list and that I can click on the button “Move completed items to archives” without worries, I will try.

It’s difficult to say what happened here… The Archive button should only affect actions and not notes. Do you still have the problem? If so, could you please describe it again?

Well, I do not understand anything. I’m just trying to get my notes back. I duplicated the notebook and then I converted this notebook into a project. I canceled one by one the “done”
Then I deleted the old notebook.
I just have to convert the “good” project into a new notebook. is it possible ? or must I transfer item by item?

You can drag-and-drop the project into the Notebooks navigation section in navigation. That will convert the project into a notebook and all it’s actions into notes. If the project contained any completed actions, they will be archived and not counted in the number of notes. Is this what happened last time?

I recovered my tasks. I do not remember the beginning of the problem. I will try to be careful

I’m sure it’s related to converting between notebooks and projects. So if you do that and notice something again, please write in this topic.