Questions to switch app


I found GTD method great so I started with todoist to manage my inbox.

Over last months I used a personal version of GTD (I think) and I wonder if my way to use todoist is compatible with everdo.

I have two mains categories, work and home so I guess is equivalent to areas on everdo.

As I have many project I organized them with multiple sub folder. It’s not possible with everdo right ?

If I have 10 tasks for one project, is it possible to easy see them ?

Every morning I do a quick daily review to assign my next action for the day. Currently, I open my work stuff, choose next action by assigned them a high priority. So my next actions are tasks with high priority, tasks overdue and tasks with today as due date.

So in everdo I change list of my today tasks to next right ? Overdue and today due date are automatically move to next ?

Two things that I like a lot from todoist :

  • quick add action from statut bar on Android (not from notification)
  • 2 way sync with Google calendar / outlook

These features are plan ?

Thank for your hard work and your help !

Edit : do you plan to add time to scheduled and repeat tasks ? I have many tasks that must be done at specific time and I would like to track them.

I start using the windows app, it’s seem great, however my first concern is that you can’t add a start date and set a task to waiting for list.

For example, if I’l waiting for someone to reply on my email, I would like to keep start date as my email date so when I’ll go to waiting for list, I’ll quickly see that I’m waiting for xx days.

You’ll be able to see the number of days since moved to “Waiting”:

Notice “3d” means three days since moved to “Waiting”. It only appears after one day has passed.

Folders are not possible, and probably won’t be added.

Put them in a project and then open that project. Please let me know if that’s not clear.

Scheduled items automatically move to “Next” and “Focus” when the time comes.

Not yet, but there’s a plan to do a quick entry widget or a notification

Not yet. One way sync is planned (Everdo to calendar). 2-way sync is not in plans.

Once the calendar integration, there will be the ability to specify a time for scheduled tasks.

Thank for your feedbacks !

As I continue my journey through everdo, do you plan to add hourly repeat ? Maybe when you’ll add calendar as you say.

Ok one question about the Android app, when I edit a task and want to remove due date or start date, I can’t.

Will you add ability to remove date on editing ?

To remove a start date, change the list to “Inbox”, “Next” or “Someday”.
The option to remove a due date is indeed missing in the current version. Thanks for pointing that out!

As I mostly use Android app, will you add sequential / parralel subtasks soon ? And what about create a repeating task ?

Thanks for your worl

Don’t mind the first question, I found how to add subtasks in android (like on Windows) with “-”

This distinction is made at project level, same as on Desktop:

Just create a task and set it’s list property to Scheduled. You can then set the schedule, same as on Desktop

Oooh common, sorry I could find by myself (or better read instructions I guess).

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

On Android : maybe I didn’t see how to do this but in my next list I have some tasks with due date and some without.

_Will it be more easy to read if all tasks with due date are first based on due date then the others ?

_When I tried to filter by due date, my tasks didn’t show up. Is due date not enough for this filter ?


The problem is that most lists are manually ordered, which means they cannot also be sorted by other criteria.

In the current implementation the “Due” filter only shows the items which have already become due, meaning the due date has arrived. At some point we want so support the same set of filter as in the Desktop app, including “Any due date” and so on.

Ok I understand and I found how to manually order next list.

One noobish question, is it normal to have focus items on next list ?

I guess ‘main’ list is next and focus is just a easy way to see important tasks right ?

Edit : on Android, waiting for list doesn’t count days like on Windows app. Do I miss something ?

And there is a “someone” next every task even when I add a contact to the task. What is it represent ?

Yes, Focus is not a “real” list. It’s just an automatically created set of all starred items. Those items can actually be sitting in any other list.

  • When you create an item in Focus directly, it will actually be added to Next and it will be starred.
  • When you star an item in Inbox (or Someday, or wherever) it will remain there, but will become starred (focused) also.
  • When a scheduled/repeating item occurs, it gets added to Next and starred.

It does count days, but it doesn’t show the counter (yet) :slight_smile:

This one is actually same as on Desktop. “Someone” is when a contact you are waiting for is not set explicitly from your list of contacts. Can’t do it on the phone though, but if you sync a waiting item from the computer to the phone, you will see the name of the contact there.

Thanks for all these informations !

I tried to find on documentation but I didn’t, on scheduled list, some of my task have repeat icon and star icon but some have one more :


What’s the difference ?

I can only find that the second one have repeating + due date but when I add to the first task, the icon doesn’t appear.

On windows, Is it normal that we can’t reorder scheduled task planned for the same day ? I have different review task with hour and I can’t reorder the way I want for convenience.

Edit : in tag you talk about “label” and in side bar you talk about “context”. Mentions must be the same no ?

Edit 2 : some conflict in the statut bar when we have a large area name


Edit 3 : how do you manage horizon in gtd ?

Edit 4 : is it possible to reset days count for waiting for task ? For example, I wait for an update on my bank account but I don’t have news, so I call to have more informations. After my call I need to wait some more so I left the task but I can’t update days count to start from 0.

Edit 5 : on android, is it possible to filter next list by project ? Indeed I need to see my next list without a specific project.

Edit 6 : is it plan to add progress bar of a project to android ?

Do you plan to add number of tasks in list on Android side panel ? Or does it take too much place ?

It’s a great feature on desktop when you doesn’t open app on inbox and want to see if you have something to process.

In this particular case the top action has the usual icon indicating that it’s a repeating action. The bottom action is weird. I’m guessing it used to be a clone of another repeating action which you transformed into a repeating action itself. This doesn’t usually happen. Basically the round arrow icon you are seeing in the bottom action indicates that it is an automatically created clone. more about how repeating items work with pictures

Yes, it’s not possible to re-order the Scheduled list - the order is automatic based on nearest scheduled dates.

The Contexts section contains the tags which start with “@”. Other than that, contexts are just tags.

Everdo doesn’t provide any special functionality for this. There were a few suggestions, but it’s still not clear what the functionality should be.

Move it to Next and the back to Waiting

You either view the full aggregated Next list, or open the specific project to see it’s own Next list.

Could be done at some point, but many other features are in the queue :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s on the list.

I buy the app as it’s easier for me now with sync over internet.

It’s more useful for GTD than todoist.

One thing, when I have a repeating tasks and I forgot to do it, the next day I have the same task twice.

For example, I have an every day task ‘take pills’. If on Monday I forgot to take pills, on Tuesday I have ‘take pills’ two times. More if I forget multiple days.

I prefer to have one overdue task until I complet it.

Thank for your work.