Rearranging on Focus and Next is making a copy v1.2.14

I’m experiencing this bug in version 1.2.14. I’m running the linux version on ubuntu 18.04. The copied item appears directly beneath the moved one. If multiple items are rearranged quickly, it appears that only the most recent move creates the copy. This bug has been here for at least the last two versions. Is there a fix forthcoming?

It’s not a known defect. Rearranging should not create a copy unless you also hold Ctrl. Could you please provide more details about the conditions in which the issue does and does not appear?

If a new entry is added and the application closed and reopened, then the problem does not present itself. Only happens when a new entry is added and then immediately dragged upward. This happens in the Linux version running Ubuntu 18.04.

I cannot confirm. I’m also running ubuntu 18.04. Dragging with Ctrl does what you say. Are you sure the key isn’t stuck or something like that?

It’s possible that Ctrl+N actually causes this issue. If so then it’s a great new clue. I will check.

Ctrl N is not actually a shortcut, if i’m not mistaken, so it might interfere with the drag to copy behavior.

I have confirmed that that using certain key combinations such as Ctrl+N has the unintended consequence of triggering the “copy mode” where every reorder operation makes a copy of the item being dragged.

Until the fix comes out:

  • If you notice the issue happening, simply press Ctrl again. This will terminate the “copy mode” and re-order will continue working as normal.
  • Note that the only supported hotkey with a Ctrl in it is Ctrl+, for Settings. When you press Ctrl+N, it does work as “Create Item” (by accident, really) but it also triggers this bug. You could simply use N instead.