Reorder items / projects with keyboard (e.g. modifier + j/k etc.)

Love everdo btw.

One frustration I have is reordering items/projects. I have quite a few projects for example (e.g. approx 30) and often reorder them to help me visually / mentally prioritise them (at a high level).

I’ve found dragging them in the list to be cumbersome - most often dragging does not work well (the dragging seems to work for a few seconds but then the item no longer moves up/down the list - which I then need to release the mouse button and do it again - this results in several mouse operations to simply sort a project).

Feature request - I’m an “hjkl” person (love the jk navigation btw) would like to request ability to move an item / project in the list with j / k plus a modifier:

e.g. alt+j moves the item/project down the list and alt+k moves the item up the list.

This would significantly increase the efficiency in sorting items/projects!





I would suggest using Shift+Key though because in my experience it seems more standard. For example, i3wm:

:+1: I am absolutely fine with that (plus I actually run i3wm).

I think you might mean “shift” key (and not :poop:+Key) :grin:.

This will be added eventually.

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Indeed, thanks! :blush:

Other examples I couldn’t think of last time: Alt(+Shift)+Tab, Windows(+Shift)+Tab, Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab