Repeating actions

I’m using everdo for a few weeks now. I have tried to integrete GTD in my life and was using the app “DGT GTD” for a while but it has no desktop version… So I gave up… Gladly I found Everdo! :slight_smile:

A feature that I am missing is in the repeating section (or I’m to stupid to find it):
Repeating should only produce a new task when the old one is finished

I see this for example in my “daily review”. I’m relativly new to GTD and i’m trying to make time for my review but its a little bit difficult…I do not want to have two daily reviews the next day, because i didn’t finished it the last day. Does this make sense? Or did I overlocked something.

Another example is my cleaning robot^^ I want to run it manually every 3 days (not automaticly because he could destroy something O_o). I want to run it not really on a specific date, rather every 3 days, although i forgot/had no time to do it.

Please excuse my english… I’m from Germany.


This makes complete sense. The current implementation of repeating tasks does not take into account whether the old one was finished or not. As you point out, this is undesirable sometimes.
Soon there will be added a setting to alter this behavior when creating a repeating task.

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