Shortcuts for navigation

Shortcuts for navigation:

Really want:
j/k: Move selection up/down the task list
space or enter: Edit the current task
alt+j/alt+k: Move up and down the left hand pane (there are hotkeys for action list, but not projects).

alt+space or alt+enter: Edit the selected/open project.
d: Remove
f: “File” current task. Opens pop-up and lets me choose to move it to “Next”, “Waiting”, “Scheduled”, “Someday” or “Focus” and a project. This is brilliant for processing inbox items and is in Things 2. (Haven’t used 3).

See Things 2 shortcuts for ideas:


I like those suggestions. The up/down navigation is in the plans. Once there’s a way to select an item and move up/down, it will be easy to add all sorts of shortcuts for item editing. The left-hand navigation is a good idea as well.

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Love these shortcuts! I’d add one for completing a task too but the Cmd+. from Things is a bit too cumbersome, I think. Probably d would be the best one (for “done”, plus it’s on the home row).

Another option would be x because you could think of d as “delete” (as in Vi)—well…x deletes things too in Vi. Hmm.

I got some news on this feature!

Next release we’ll have at least some basic functionality for keyboard navigation and editing shortcuts:

  • j/k or arrows for navigation
  • enter to edit
  • focus, due date and complete shortcuts: f, d, space

Quick demo, with only keyboard used:


Yay! j/k, enter, and space all feel great.

Due feels a little awkward. Like it should pop open a keyboard-navigatable calendar. Then have s do the same for start date. I would never mark something as due today because I have the focus star for that.

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I think at this point you might as well press Enter and type in the exact due date, like :d jun 1