Some observations from the Android app

Some feedback on the Android app:

The ability to show and hide notes on tasks is extremely lacking. First off it is buried in the … menu. It really should be its own action button.

But the biggest problem is that it has no persistence. In the desktop app you can show and hide notes per task and that is remembered from one session to another. If I hide notes, which is for the entire list, I can just rotate the screen and it defaults back to showing all the notes. It should persist for as long as the application is still loaded or maybe save it as a shared preference.

Speaking of the … menu it also has Settings and add pro key. Those probably really belong at the bottom of the pull out drawer.

One other nitpick in the tag editor, if you edit the name of a tag such that it should be in a different position in the sorted list, it doesn’t move to its new sorted position unless you exit the tag list and re-open it.

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This will be implemented in the same way as it works in the iOS app now.

It’s implemented in a was as to be consistent between all three apps. Is there a benefit to moving these items to the drawer/side navigation? This change would trigger the same change in the iOS app and the desktop app (why not?) and some documentation changes.

jup, please make it more accesible.

I vote for moving the settings to the hamburger menu, too. On android the sub menu on the top right with just two entries (settings and toggle notes) is useless. 99 out of 100 times you really want to reach the “toggle notes” and not the settings.

If you did not have the drawer then it would make sense to put it in the … menu, but since you have the drawer on mobile and the sidebar on desktop to handle global navigation, the … menu should be reserved for only things that apply to the current screen.

I’ve been thinking about this in the background. I think moving the setting button to the drawer is the right idea. The collapse/expand button should take its place for now.


The new release just arrived and I so love the easy reachable notes toggle. :smiley:

Not sure how you are seeing a new release as I don’t see any new versions.

Ah sorry, I just realized I’m on the test flight version. Sorry for the confusion.

It’s in the early access build. Hopefully to be released soon along with the reminders feature and some other changes.