Some request for productivity

my name is Andrea and I have been using Everdo for my work for almost a year.
I am a lawyer and, by necessity, I have to keep in order and perform a series of obligations imposed by Italian law.
Everdo is fabulous and allows me to always keep up to date the status of all my files.
However, using it, I realized that I would need a number of features that are currently missing. I report them, in the hope that they will be added.

  1. Ability to sort Item by execution time and / or by energy.
  2. Ability to sort Projects in alphabetical order.
  3. Possibility to attach files, for example Word or Libreoffice, present in the PC to each Item.
    In the hope that these requests of mine can facilitate and be of help to others.
    A warm greeting.

Hello Andrea.

Ability to sort Item by execution time and / or by energy.

This is suggested often, and it might be added in the future. I consider it as a possible nice to have feature.

Ability to sort Projects in alphabetical order.

Could you clarify why manual ordering doesn’t work for you in this case?

Possibility to attach files

There won’t be an ability to attach files, but you can link files on you your computer from Everdo items for example file:///c:/WINDOWS/abc.doc.

How can we use a link with spaces within it?

It won’t work, unfortunately.

Good morning.
Unfortunately, the suggested " file:///c:/WINDOWS/abc.doc" does not work and being able to link a file to an Item or a Project would be extremely useful for working.

I currently use Everdo to keep track of all the practices I am following. It would be useful to be able to sort Projects automatically alphabetically. The manual system is inconvenient for my job.
I also wanted to point out these two requests.

  1. Unfortunately, the Everdo app for Iphone does not keep track of the Items connected to the Contexts when the Item is not the first to be executed in the order. Let me explain: It may happen that a Progect already has several Items, each one connected to a different Contexts. Unfortunately, by clicking on the relevant Contexts, the Item is not displayed if it is not the first of those to be executed. On the PC version, however, there are no problems.
  1. I use the API system as a synchronization system, not wanting to use the Cloud.
    My server is a laptop, and I use the app when I’m out and about for work.
    Sometimes I move the laptop and every time I have to reset the network addresses.
    Could you add a bluetooth based sync system?

What do you mean when you say “move”?
When you say resetting you mean that you have to update the ip address on your phone to the current one, right?

Could you please provide a concrete example where it doesn’t work?

You are right, it looks like a bug that needs to be fixed.

You are correct that changing a network would require re-configuring the API settings.
Unfortunately there are no plans to add Bluetooth sync in the near future. However in the future we might be able to support multiple configurations and automatic switching when network changes.

as the name of an item. even if I click it has no effect

I see, it should be written in the description.


unfortunately the link doesn’t work if the folder where the file is located, or the file has a name with spaces. For example “horse carriage” doesn’t work, while “horsecarriage” works.
Can this problem be solved?

Without trying on my own… did you try to replace spaces with a %20 ?