Start the day in the morning

So, I don’t know how many people this affects, but there is a feature missing that I would really like to cement Everdo as my favorite to do list program:

Being able to start the day in the morning.

That sounds really silly to say right? As someone who goes to bed at 1-2am every day, it really annoys me when I’m finishing my day and suddenly a whole new list of things appeared on my Next list that I can’t act upon. Because when I schedule something for “Thursday”, I generally mean “Thursday after 8am”, “Thursday Afternoon”, or some other variation, but never ever “Thursday at exactly 12:01am”

So if we had an option for the day to “begin” at a later time than Midnight, such as 4am, it would really help clean up that awkward time of the day. I know this can also be very dependant on the person, so just making it a customizable setting would be best, but I could settle for a single option, similar to the “Start Day On Monday” option. The implementation doesn’t have to be complex, the program already polls time to tell if we’re past midnight to know when to display the “new today”, adding an offset shouldn’t be too hard.

Personally I would set it to 7am, because i sometimes have a client that requires me to stay up until 5 am because of time differences, but if there was only one alternate time available, I think 4am is a nice sweet spot between “Useful for night owls and without disturbing the 5am club people”

Definitely see the problem here. Start day at X option certainly makes sense as a setting. That would need to be set to the same value on all devices.

It may be possible to add this feature soon-ish as it’s not big code-wise. Just need to make sure it doesn’t break anything.