Sync account creation error

I just installed Everdo and I evaluating it as a replacement for Nirvana (basically dead development for years). However, I got an account creation error when creating a sync account and moreover, whenever I try to import JSON tasks it does nothing.

Hello Michele,
What error do you get and at which step?
Are you importing data in the Everdo format?

Hi, all I get is a generic error (attached)

I exported JSON from Nirvana but I have no options while exporting it, is there a specific way?

While this issue is being investigated, could you try creating an account on the web page Create Account - Everdo Sync Service and then use it for configuration?

Unfortunately there is no common format for data between different apps, so simply importing another app’s data is unlikely work. JSON is just a generic set of rules suited for storing data in a readable form - it doesn’t grant that apps understand each other’s data.