The number of notes in a notebook is wrong


On my notebooks main page, I saw a notebook with two notes.

But when I open it, it have only one note

I have no filtering select and not area specified.


Thanks for reporting!

In addition, could you please see and let me know:

  1. How it looks on other devices (if you are using any)
  2. Does it persist if you force-close and re-open the app?
  1. Same problem on windows.

  2. Same problem if I force stop the app and reopen it.

You have only one notebook with this problem, correct? Not sure how it happened by there seems to be a “hidden” item in there. It was created somehow, but it’s now not visible because it’s it has an inappropriate type or something like that… I guess the quickest way would be to create a new notebook and move the items. Then delete the bad one.