Transition from TaskWarrior

Anybody here coming from TaskWarrior? If so, do you know if there is a method to import all existing (and already done) todos from a TaskWarrior database? I am currently giving everdo a Testrun and if it succeeds, I will almost certainly need some sort of import method.

If there is none, I am planing to come up with an easy script myself: just looked at the SQLite database in the everdo folder and thought that it may be very easily doable. Is there a recommended way of programmatically interacting with everdo? I know that there is the Android application which has to use some sort of API.

I wouldn’t insert into DB directly. There are metadata fields that could be missed. Instead, write a script to convert TW data to Everdo JSON and then import the JSON into Everdo. If the import succeeds, then the DB is likely in the correct state. There are few mandatory fields in Everdo JSON, so mapping TW data projects and next actions should not be difficult. Post here if you run into difficulties.

Try creating a few items, projects and tags in Everdo, then doing a JSON export too see how it works.

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