Ability to group/sort projects, create sub-projects

Could there be a way to group projects into categories in the projects pane? Or at least a way to make sub-projects? It’d be nice to be able to group everything to do with work and courses together.

I like to break tasks down into actions I can do in one step. So I have a lot of large scale goals/projects that require further sorting. For example a project called “Finish report” could be broken down into further projects such as “research topic” and “write chapter on finances” each with has multiple actions such as “contact [person]” and “dig through database” each with various sub actions. This leads to my projects pane being extremely cluttered and overwhelming as I have to dig around to find what I’m supposed to be doing.


Hello Anita,

Unfortunately there is no way to create sub-projects in Everdo, and probably never will be. This was a design trade-off made early on for various reasons. Mostly because it was perceived that the benefit of nested projects is low when following GTD while the design and implementation cost is high.

If you wish, I could offer a few tips on adapting to this constraint in the spirit of Getting Things Done.

According to GTD, a project is not just a sequence of actions, but a meaningful outcome. Therefore in your example I would just have a project for Finish report or maybe Submit report and think about all the rest as sub-actions, most likely sequential.

So for example, you start by creating a project Finish report. You take a few minutes to brainstorm what the steps to completion might be, for example:

  • Research the topic
  • Write chapter 1

Notice that Research the topic is not a proper project because it’s not specific. It is also not a proper next action (it lacks clarity of what exactly needs to be done). So you clarify it into Contact [person] and ask about [topic] and possibly a few more next actions. So now you can create several next actions in your project. You can also keep not-yet-clarified actions at the end of your project and get to them later on. The important thing is that you have the actual next actions defined.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Andrei, I’ll revamp my tasks.

Is there any way to have some sort of folders? Or just a hierarchy in the project pane then? I think in chunks and need to see all projects of a particular area at once for my weekly review and when I start my day.

I use tags for quick searches, to highlight specific things and as a way to further organize tasks. They become disorganized fast thought as they include areas, places, topics, etc. They’re great for organizing things in the moment but very poor at getting the big picture of what you have to do that week.

Well, I would suggest you could use such a tag as an area for that. Press t to manage your tags and you can choose between contact, label or area for each tag. - Afterwards you can choose an area on top of the left pane.
And if you do, you’ll see only the projects assigned with this area tag in the project section.