Ability to mark repeating task as 'completed' if finished ahead of time

I’ve only been using Everdo for one day, and I’m loving it. It’s extremely well thought-out, and well implemented.

There is one additional feature that would be tremendously useful to me, and that is the ability to mark an instance of a repeating task as ‘completed’ if I do it ahead of the scheduled time. For example, on the 1st of March every year, I have a task to buy a birthday card for my sister. If I get ahead of myself, and buy the card in mid-February, I can’t mark the task as completed, due to the actual task not being created from the template until the day it is due.

Can I suggest that a checkbox be provided for scheduled repeating tasks that, when ticked, carries out the following operations:

  • Creates the task from the template, with the due date as scheduled
  • Marks that task as complete
  • Updates the ‘next date due’ in the template to the next scheduled occurrence after the one just completed

Thanks for being such an easy developer to discuss things with!

This would be a nice feature, I agree. And the way you envision it working looks good. There are other scheduling improvements waiting to be implemented and I’ll see if this one can be added. It’s lower priority and quite risky in terms of potential to break syncing of repeating items.

Thanks Andrei. Everdo is the first product I’ve found (after using many different to-do apps) that has actually improved my working habits, and it’s great that you are such a responsive developer.