Ability to search or filter tasks by time (search bar)

I have a lot of small tasks. But when I’m start planning for the week I want to see the big tasks (1 hour or more).
I can only search/filter tasks that are less then [specified time] now.
It would be great if I could filter the small tasks out.
The big tasks are the ones that are more easier to procrastinate, but the most important on my list.

(Btw, I love this app :heart_eyes:. Keep up the good work! Never seen such a good and beautiful app before :wink: )

You mention procrastination, so I would like to point out that I think the Energy parameter might fit better for the hard/easy distinction, at least that’s what I use. That is, high-resistance, high-procrastination tasks have high energy, while the easy ones are low.
This works because when I’m tired, then I procrastinate the most, so I need high energy to work on hard actions productively. At the same time, many long tasks are not very hard.

Filtering by Energy works differently compared to the Time filtering, and might be better suited to your case.

What do you think? As always, we would like to avoid adding more “stuff” to the app that might be unnecessary given existing features.

Thanks for this useful tip! I think the energy parameter will indeed fit better.
I will give it a try. Thanks for looking into this!

The current filtering system would benefit from a better sorting functionality. If I could sort by time needed, the longest task is on top of the list.

I don’t feel that. If you have more time and energy you can use appropriate filter combination and get expected results. What are the advantages of having a list with all items on sorted some way? GTD helps reducing choices and I think that list is the opposite.

At the moment, when I filter my next list for tasks that are estimated to 1h or less I get following list:

Which is kind of useless because actually I primarliy want to see how to make best use of an 1 hour time slot.
When sorted by time I’d see the 45m and 30min tasks at the top followed by the shorter ones. Then it’s up to my intuition what I do.
That’s one reason why I use two computer contexts, to separate between short and longer focus tasks.

Yes, now I see your point. Good for you.

Any updates or thoughts on this one?