Abillity to choose default Area or remember last used Area on Android App


after the latest blog post, I have changed my use of areas

  • the change is primarily that I now use them.

This has led me to find out that the Android app always starts in the “All areas” view. This means if I close the app, I will on next startup have to choose my “primary” area again.

Can it be made so that either:

  1. I can set a “Startup Area” in the settings like I can set a Startup list (preferable)
  2. It remembers my last used Area view
    Thank you

Thank you

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It would be nice to have this. As a workaround I have Android configured so that it does not kill Everdo. The app always preserves state this way and opens instantly.

That is a good tip - I’ll use this for now.

Does “It would be nice to have this” mean that it might become a feature? :slight_smile:
Sometimes I close my applications on my Android phone, so it would be nice to have this properly working instead of a work around.

Thank you the great app Andrei!
Have a nice day

I entered this issue as a bug, so it should be soon.