Action count missing in lists other than Inbox, Waiting, Focus

The action section of the navigation bar in iOS has inbox, next, waiting, scheduled, someday, and your focus actions.

However, only inbox, waiting, and focus are showing the number of actions you have for that category.

I believe it is intentional. These three lists contains items that you should take care of at the first place. By contrast, Next list is a list of assorted items when it comes to priorities.

Yes, in other words it does not matter very much how many actions you have in Next, Someday, etc. On the other hand, you should keep your Inbox at near 0 and 20+ actions in Focus is a problem.

The point of having the counts is to have information on the number of tasks without having to actually open the list. This can be more important if you are switching areas. It would be very nice to know right after switching areas the relative size of the lists without having to open the lists.

I agree the exact count is usually not important, but knowing if the number of items is zero or non-zero is important and I would say that knowing if it is single digit or more than single digits is important.

So there is value to knowing relatively how big the lists are, so I see no valid reasons to not have the counts for all the lists.