Action with no Project, I'm reviewing and now I need a Project - How do I create one

So I have an action ie. Check IRS site for blank blank (in my @ online category, stand alone project). So now I’m reviewing and realize I need to create a Project for this task.

How do can I create a project and include the original task below it. I’m aware that if (on the desktop) I drag the task to the Project column it will create a Project with that same title but is there a way I can create what I just described above.

thanks people

I can’t think of a shortcut way to do what you describe. The usual way is to create a new project as usual (P key), then open the original action and assign the new project as its parent.

How about Shift + P you already a Shift shortcut so perhaps → Shift + P can create a new Project with the Selection action as a Children of that Project with the cursor position on the Name of the Project ready to be typed in.

This would be Superb. Sometimes one has a an action which came as a result of deep Weekly Review and you create it. Then things happen as David Allen says you adapt, now that action should belong to a project. It was first thought of as a single action but you realize " you know what I need a project for this action because I have other actions that arose in the thought process?

And that’s the thinking.


Currently the process to create a project with one or more next action is cumbersome. It involves to many steps. I even realised that in my case this leads to project creation resistance.
I think we already discussed this, I didn’t check…

How about

  1. select a bunch of items
  2. right click -> move to a new project
  3. A project creation dialog opens as usual
  4. Items from step 1 move to the selected project when it’s created
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This works. Excellent