Add startup in "Inbox with new task opened" option

Under Android Settings->Startup List, add a fourth “Inbox with new task opened” option to the existing three “Inbox”, “Next”, “Focus” options.
When Everdo is started with this option, a New Inbox task would be opened with the cursor focused to the title line. Option could also be global so a new task is opened in any of the three “Inbox”, “Next”, “Focus” options selected, but Inbox claims the most use cases.


  1. It’s a generally useful way for users to streamline/reduce friction on entering tasks especially on mobile where Everdo is mostly creating tasks and engaging rather than in depth analysis and manipulation.
  2. Can get most of the way to Android Voice collection as outlined in this thread:

When Everdo is opened by voice (google assistant) or Shortcut option (allows an app to be opened from the lock screen in at least Android 10 & 11) as well as normal app startup. At this point activating Google typing by holding the screen space bar starts voice transcription.

Without touching the phone, some sort of Google Assistant command like “type “hello world” send” could enter the task and enter it.

It seems reasonable that Siri could do this same sequence : a) Open Everdo, b) Dictate text c) send

So this one feature might solve both Android and iOS voice collection in the near term with low development effort.

Stretch goal:
a) If possible on Android, when the new task is opened and the title field focused, automatically select the audio entry keyboard i.e. Google Typing (screen keyboard comes up by default). This would reduce the collection friction by 1 step.
b) if possible, save the task if the phone is locked. This wouldn’t require the user to press “Done/Checkmark” icon and then lock the phone. Task would automatically be saved on phone lock. Also useful would be to save task when switching to another app from Everdo for a similar workflow

Ideal workflow on Android

  1. Start Everdo by screen lock shortcut, selecting app or Google Assistant command
  2. Speak task
  3. Lock phone/switch away/press “Done/Checkmark” icon or say to Google Assistant “Done or something like that”


  1. On Android 10 and 11 using the “Shortcut” feature ALWAYS starts Everdo fresh, so this suggestion will always start a new task. Using the “Sidekey” app start starts Everdo in it’s current state. Usually this means not a fresh open. Even VoNo which is built for taking voice notes and shoudl always start a new note on opening, doesn’t open fresh with “Sidekey”. The same happens when switching to Everdo from another app.
  2. Starting Everdo with Google Assistant or Siri might have similar strangeness.